Wrongful Death

Experienced Representation in Wrongful Death

The legal issues begin with who can bring an action for wrongful death and who will share in any of the compensation. Our attorneys assist the executor or court-appointed representative in opening the victim's estate and filing the wrongful death claim on behalf of the spouse, dependent children, parents or siblings. Sometimes there are conflicts or competing interests within the family, such as an ex-spouse and (or) children from a prior marriage who would be beneficiaries.

The next challenge is establishing liability for the fatal car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident. Our lawyers have extensive experience guiding investigations to prove negligence, locating insurance coverage, and convincing insurers or a jury to deliver fair and full damages.

Wrongful death damages can include funeral expenses, the projected earnings of the deceased, and compensation for the survivors' loss of consortium, companionship, counsel and support. If the accident was not immediately fatal, a separate survival action can seek reimbursement of medical expenses and the damages for the victim's pain and emotional suffering prior to death.

We understand this is a difficult time. Our compassionate lawyers will sit down with you to explain your legal standing and address all your concerns, such as the approximate value of the claim and how long the process will likely take. Our legal team then takes on all the burden of building a strong case to maximize the compensation.

Prompt investigation of a fatal car accident is important to preserving evidence. Call our Akron office today at 330-535-2000 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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