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Premises Liability

After a serious slip, trip, or fall injury on commercial or residential property, it is essential that a victim or family member talk to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Evidence related to the circumstances of the premises liability accident may disappear or deteriorate with the passage of time. An attentive premises liability attorney will take photographs, interview eyewitnesses, and otherwise preserve information that may be vitally important in negotiation or litigation before it is too late.Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at the Akron, Ohio law offices of Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A.

Injuries in premises liability cases run the full gamut: head injury, back injury, and broken bones are common results of falls on sidewalks or stairs. Accidents that occur around heavy machinery may cause amputations, eye injury, or death. Victims face expenses such as medical bills, personal care, and adaptive equipment (wheelchair, mobility vans, etc.). If the person who was injured dies, his or her dependents will have ongoing financial needs. A person who has fallen on a slick or icy surface or who has been injured on an elevator or escalator may require extensive therapy. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, or vocational rehabilitation may be needed. Our job as premises liability attorneys is to do all that we can to obtain compensation from liable property owners and their insurers. Prompt investigation of negligence factors (such as the property owner's failure to maintain safe premises), careful evaluation of insurance issues, and an expert opinion on the victim's longterm prospects for recovery are all part of a well-developed case for maximum compensation for a victim.

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