Rollover Accidents

SUV Rollovers and Single-Vehicle Crashes

In many rollover accidents, poor vehicle design either caused the crash or made the injuries worse than they should have been. If you were seriously injured in a van or SUV rollover, you want a law firm with experience in auto defect litigation.

The Akron law firm of Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A. has secured settlements and verdicts for many victims of rollover accidents in Summit County and Northeast Ohio.  Contact us today for a free consultation. We are truly committed to getting you the maximum compensation and helping you with all related claims and legal issues.

When Vehicles Tip, Flip or Roll

One out of three motor vehicle accidents are single-vehicle crashes and those account for more than half of all traffic fatalities, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. A large number of those involve sport-utility vehicle(s) (SUV's) or 15-passenger van(s), as well as other vehicles notorious for rollovers.

As an SUV flips, rolls, bounces or strikes a fixed object, occupants are violently thrown against the interior of the vehicle or ejected. Older vans and SUVs in particular (and some newer models) are not only designed in a way that increases the odds of rollover, but are simply not built to withstand the impact. Many victims survive the collision or roll but are injured or killed when the passenger compartment collapses, or they are ejected and struck by other vehicles.

Our personal injury lawyers have the experience, resources and access to experts to prove the liability of auto manufacturers, car dealers or auto repair shops:

  • Instability - The high center of gravity and narrow stance or defects in tires, rims or axles, turns a simple swerve into a dangerous rollover accident
  • Crashworthiness - Inadequate design of the roof, frame, seat belts or air bags
  • Maintenance work on brakes, wheels or safety features

On the other hand, we sometimes have to de-emphasize product defects, where warranted, to keep the focus on the negligence of another driver whose actions led to a rollover accident. Our top concern is making sure you get full insurance coverage for your medical care, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

We have helped clients recover the long-term compensation required for catastrophic injuries from van and SUV rollovers, and we have represented family members in wrongful death lawsuits for a fatal rollover.

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