Rear-End Collisions

Hit From Behind in a Car Accident?

While rear-end collisions are rarely fatal, they often cause severe injuries that are different from a head-on or side-impact crash. Prompt medical treatment and documentation are important, especially when seeking damages for back or neck injuries that are not necessarily visible.

The personal injury lawyers of Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A. have represented hundreds of people injured in rear-end accidents. We have an excellent record of recovering damages to cover the unique injuries as well as the pain and suffering, lost wages and property damage associated with this type of crash.

Our Akron law firm represents motor vehicle accident victims in Summit County and surrounding counties throughout Northeast Ohio. We routinely represent clients in Stark County, Medina County, Wayne County, Portage County and Cuyahoga County. While we represent clients all over Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, we are well known in the legal community of the aforementioned counties. Regardless of where you live, we extend a free case evaluation and unsurpassed client service.

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, rear-end accidents are the most common type of collision — more than 20,000 people are injured each year in Ohio when their auto or motorcycle is struck from behind. The negligence of the other driver is usually clear — following too close or inattentive driving. If liability is challenged, we have access to professional investigators to help us prove fault, including product liability claims against automakers for brake failure, seat belt or air bag failure, or a collapsed seat back.

At impact, the bodies of the driver and passengers are whipped violently. Some victims are thrown or ejected by the force of the crash, suffering severe and permanent injuries. Many suffer injuries to the head, face, chest or arms from hitting the ceiling, steering column or dashboard. And the most common injury from a rear-end collision is hyperextension of the neck (whiplash). This can also be the hardest to prove, in terms of compensation for lasting pain and disability.

You May Be Hurt Worse Than You Thought

Often a neck sprain or strain will heal quickly.  Sometimes, a sore neck can become a debilitating stiff neck, or turn out to be a vertebrae fracture or ruptured disc. Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A. can help you find good doctors who know how to diagnose and treat common injuries as a result of or related to rear-end collisions such as: soft tissue injuries, cervical fractures and back injuries. If you don't have health insurance, we can direct you to doctors who will treat you, as it is not always in your best interest to seek treatment with a medical office that contacted YOU about the collision. Of course, we also help with everything from getting your car repaired to dealing with the insurance companies.

Our experienced attorneys know that even a low-speed rear-end collision should always be taken seriously. Call us at 330-535-2000 for personal attention and aggressive representation, including visits to your home or hospital.

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