Government Vehicle Accidents

Injuries Involving City, County or State Vehicles

Accidents caused by a city, state, or other government vehicle pose a special set of challenges. In many cases, government vehicles have immunity from lawsuits, even when that vehicle's driver was in the wrong. However, there are exceptions to this immunity where victims are able to hold the driver accountable. This is a highly complex area of law, but generally, if the employee driving the truck or car was not engaged in a governmental function, or was operating in a reckless manner, there may be grounds to recover compensation.

The personal injury lawyers of Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A. have a demonstrated record of successfully navigating this immunity maze in motor vehicle accidents and other forms of negligence. Our settlements and verdicts include cases on behalf of citizens injured in collisions with a government vehicle or injured by a government employee.

Our Akron, Ohio, law firm serves injured people in Summit County and surrounding counties in Northeast Ohio. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the facts and whether you have a viable lawsuit against the city, the county or the state.

We can also represent governmental employees involved in a crash while on duty. For example, we recovered damages for a police officer badly injured in a squad car accident while responding to a 911 call.

We will aggressively pursue your compensation if you suffered serious injury in a crash involving:

  • An emergency vehicle (police car, fire truck, ambulance)
  • A municipal or county snow plow accident
  • An ODOT truck
  • A road construction vehicle
  • A city bus or school bus
  • A government official or employee in a city-owned or private vehicle

Note - we have had successful cases against school employees for negligent supervision and negligent construction.

Government immunity makes these cases more challenging. Your standing to sue for damages depends in part on what the employee driver was doing at the time:

(1) Was it a duty-related trip or a non-government function?

(2) Was the employee engaged in reckless or wanton driving behavior, such as running a red light, driving drunk, making an illegal U-turn, or texting while driving? Even emergency vehicles with lights and sirens still must proceed with caution.

If there were catastrophic injuries or a fatal accident involving a government vehicle, it is critical to establish liability to cover the victim's long-term medical needs and lost income. We will exhaust every avenue and use the full resources of our firm including expert witnesses, as necessary.

Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A. offers a free case evaluation and there are no attorney fees unless we succeed in holding the city, county, state or school district accountable for damages. Call today at 330-535-2000.

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