Upset with your health insurance premiums? That’s just half the story 

Mar 19, 2010
Sometimes we find ourselves representing a client whom we represented in a personal injury claim 10 or 15 years ago. These clients are invariably amazed at the shear number and complexity of... Read More

Know Your Lawyers: What they do & what they don’t 

Nov 03, 2009
The law firm of Willis & Willis is not a general practice law firm. We concentrate our efforts on representing individuals who’ve been injured physically and/or financially by someone else’s... Read More

Recent Legal Decisions Received by the Attorneys at Willis & Willis Co. 

Nov 03, 2009
Have you ever received paperwork from your insurance company telling how they’ve changed your policy? Have you ever wondered why insurance companies have the right to just change their coverage at ... Read More

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?  

Nov 03, 2009
This is the ultimate ‘frequently asked question’ in our practice. As an initial matter, your case is probably worth more than the insurance company is offering. It is in their financial interest... Read More

Buying A Late Model Used Car? Beware! 

Jul 19, 2009
Few images can inspire distrust more than a used car salesperson, who in popular myth is usually wearing a cheap suit and eagerly eyeing your wallet. In Gallup's annual Honesty and Ethics of... Read More

CEO Salaries in the Insurance Industry 

Jul 19, 2009
With millions out of work and the unemployment rate at record levels everyone seems to be affected or suffering from the weakened/depressed economy. Or are they? CEO's of top health and auto... Read More

Client Contest Testimonials 

Jul 19, 2009
In our Winter/Spring quarterly newsletter mailing in April, we held a contest for client testimonials. We offered two $50 gas cards to two lucky contestants and on June 1st we gave away those gas... Read More

Don't Fall Into The GAP! 

Jul 19, 2009
The situation is all too common: Your vehicle has been seriously damaged in a collision. The insurance adjuster informs you that it's a total loss. You check with your lender to see how much you... Read More

Mark Willis, Attorney/Firefighter-Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 

Jul 19, 2009
In order to expand his understanding of what many of our injured clients go through and give back to the community Attorney Mark Willis recently completed all of the classes and training and... Read More

Todd L. Willis, President of the Summit County Association for Justice 

Jul 19, 2009
Todd L. Willis was recently recognized by his peers for his service as President of the Summit County Association for Justice during the 2008-2009 terms. The Summit County Association for Justice... Read More
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