Protecting your medical privacy: Why you need an attorney, reason no. 184 

Jul 02, 2013
Insurance companies have taken a keen interest in invading your private medical history. When someone has been injured and is presenting a claim, it is only fair that the insurance company be... Read More

Think You Have “Full Coverage?” Think again 

Apr 19, 2013
You may think you know what your insurance policy covers you for, but you might want to double-check. We are encountering increasingly strange policy limits when we read our clients’ policies.... Read More

Why You Need an Attorney 

Apr 19, 2013
There was a time, as recently as 10 to 12 years ago, when the primary purpose of hiring an attorney in an injury case was to maximize the recovery. Attorneys devoted their efforts on any given... Read More

In the Spotlight: Judge Rowlands  

Apr 19, 2013
The Honorable Mary Margaret Rowlands has been a trial court judge in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas since 2008. She recently issued a decision that is now before the Ohio Supreme Court... Read More

Benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act 

Jul 19, 2012
Extending Coverage for Young Adults after September 23, 2010 Under the new healthcare law, young adults are now able to remain on their parent's plan until they turn 26 years old. (In the case ... Read More

HCAP: Read This If You Have Unpaid Hospital Bills 

Jul 19, 2012
With the ongoing economic recession, we have continued to see a high number of clients who have lost their health insurance (if not their job altogether). Of course, it seems that's right about... Read More

Motorcycle Helmets: A Law that Saves Lives 

Jul 19, 2012
According to the Washington Post, a recent Centers for Disease Control & Prevention study found that fewer motorcyclists die in states that require helmets, and the costs to society are lower... Read More

Trampoline Injuries: Surprising Statistics and Important Rules 

Jul 19, 2012
According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, emergency rooms and surgeons treat hundreds of thousands of trampoline related injuries each year, with the associated medical costs... Read More

Where is our sense of compassion? Are we a community, or are we islands unto ourselves? 

Jul 19, 2012
Across the country jury verdicts in favor of injured individuals are at an all time low. Judges, lawyers, and injured victims struggle to understand why. Is it the economy? Is it because we’re at... Read More

A man of conviction: Judge Frank Forchione 

Mar 19, 2012
Judge Forchione is a living, breathing example of the qualities discussed on page 1. Judge Forchione sits on the common pleas bench in Stark County, and so he hears the same type of cases as would ... Read More
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