Grading Our Justice System, Part 1: Are lawsuits out of control? 

Aug 09, 2016
You’ve heard the phrase “certain things come with the territory.” That’s as true for lawyers as anyone else. Besides hearing every lawyer joke that comes along (both bad and hilarious), lawyers... Read More

Nobody likes a Squelcher  

Aug 09, 2016
Insurance, at its heart, is a bet by both sides. You are paying money out of your budget for protection from large losses: a totaled vehicle, a house fire, being off work for months due to an... Read More

Automobile Leasing Basics  

Aug 08, 2016
We all know that automobile dealers want to sell cars. But did you know that if a customer leases an automobile, the end result is the dealership sells the car. In a lease deal, the car gets sold... Read More

Coming full circle 

Aug 08, 2016
When I first started representing injured people 30 years ago, the rule was that whatever the medical provider billed was legally presumed to be the reasonable amount for the medical services... Read More

My Doctor will treat me for a common cold but not for injuries from a crash 

Aug 08, 2016
Some doctors are refusing to see their patients when the patient has been involved in a motor vehicle collision. A recent telephone discussion about a teenage boy we represent will illustrate the... Read More

Judges in the Headlines 

Aug 18, 2015
When judges make headlines and their pictures appear in the news, the accompanying story usually revolves around a tragedy. This phenomenon seems to be more prevalent. There are three branches of... Read More


Aug 18, 2015
Recently we had a client who was involved in a motor vehicle collision who hired us to represent him. We will call him Joe. Joe was rear ended and went to the emergency room and followed up with... Read More

When Pigs Fly: The Unlikely Story of Automakers and Trial Lawyers Standing Shoulder to Shoulder 

Aug 18, 2015
What could cause Ford, GM, Chrysler, and other manufacturers to unite with trial lawyers like ourselves? It’s something the insurance industry has fought all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court... Read More

Mark Willis Staying Busy in Columbus 

Apr 17, 2015
Amicus Curiae is Latin and means friend of the court. Mark was chosen to be an Amicus Curiae brief writer on a case pending in the Ohio Supreme Court. The case is Griffith v. Aultman Hospital,... Read More

Traumatic Brain Injuries - Direct Hit to the Head Not Required 

Apr 17, 2015
From the NFL all the way down to Little League, sports authorities have recently taken steps to better protect players from traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s). While most of us are not suiting up... Read More
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