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I was not at fault so why won't the
insurance company accept liability?

Why are doctors and lawyers
calling and sending me letters?

Why are people calling to get my
statement and ask about my insurance
since I wasn't at fault?

Why is my health insurance asking me
to fill out papers about the collision?

Why do insurance companies
want to get my medical records?

What's in my medical records?

Who is going to get paid by
the insurance company?

Is there enough insurance
coverage to pay all the bills?

Who has the right to get paid
by the insurance company?

If there's not enough money to pay
all the bills, who gets paid first?

Will there be any
money left to pay me?

Who is going to pay my bills
while I'm out of work?

Should I go to my doctor?
How do I find a good doctor?

Why would my doctor's office tell
me they won't see me because I
was in an auto collision?

The doctors want to be paid up front and
I don't have the money. What do I do?

The insurance company is not offering
enough money on my car to pay off my
car loan. What do I do?

What am I supposed to do about
transportation while my car is being fixed?

What am I supposed to do about
transportation since my car is totaled?

The insurance company is telling me
that the claim is under investigation.
What does that mean?

The insurance company is telling me
they are handling the claim under a
reservation of rights. What does that mean?

Who's going to pay my medical bills?

Who's going to pay for my car?

I can't afford to miss work.
How am I going to pay my bills?

Nobody will treat me because this is
a car accident. How do I seek help?

I haven't been to a doctor in years.
Where do I go?

The insurance company says I should
be recovered by now but I'm still in pain.
What do I do?

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